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Bump of Chicken: Star Gazing

This site includes up-to-date information on the Japanese band Bump of Chicken. Check out the links on the left to navigate through the site. 


Latest News:
+Gallery 4 opened!  New BPASS photo shoot now available.
+There is now a Message Board!
+ What's In? Magazine photo shoot and videos.
+ Yggdrasil cover released.
+ Magazine covers and concert in Korea!
+ New album tracklisting has been released!
+ New BoC tabs by Ko! They include Melody Flag and Holiday!  Battle Cry is coming soon! Attention all guitar players, requests are welcome.

Bump of Chicken is well known for their hit single Tentai Kansoku (Astronomical Observations aka Star Gazing) which was released on March 14, 2001.  Since this single they have received a lot of recognition.  

Bump of Chicken are:

Bump of Chicken consists of:
Vocals and Guitar: Motoo Fujiwara
Guitar: Hiroaki Masukawa
Bass: Yoshifumi Naoi
Drums: Hideo Masu
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